When many people think of Florida, their mind usually thinks of a few cliche things: Disney, Spring Break, or Retirement. Am I right? Did you think of any of these? Well, without talking about any of these topics, or even discussing the many beaches that are beautiful, here are a few other amazing things you can do in this state to really enjoy all that it has to offer.


Dubbed the “largest subtropical wilderness in the United States” – the Everglades is home to tons of wildlife, some endangered and offers a beautiful and unique landscape.


The southern states are known for having gators, but Gatorland lets you come to them. Think “zoo” for gators and crocs, and you will not be disappointed so we hear.

Dry Tortugas National Park

This national park is made up of mostly ocean and includes 7 small islands, one of which is the location for Fort Jefferson. This national park offers snorkeling, scuba diving, ferry rides to the various islands, and tons of history.

Salvador Dali Museum

There are several famous homes and museums in Florida, but if you have an interest or passion for surrealist art, you need to plan a trip to the Salvador Dali Museum.

Florida Keys

If you have the time and means, visiting the Florida Keys is a bucket list experience, we’ve been told. You can find all of the aquatic activities available and beautiful beaches. It sounds great to us!