Did you know that the first battle of the civil war took place in South Carolina, or that S.C. is the largest peach producer east of the Mississippi River? Sometimes facts like these help us appreciate a state more as we get to travel through it. One of the many things South Carolina is famous for is the Grand Stand, the long beach along the coast. Among the many beautiful locations in the state, tourists flock to the infamous Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach

Nearly everyone has heard of Myrtle Beach, S.C. and we hope we get to visit there as well. Beyond just the beach and beautiful weather, there are several parks, attractions, golf courses, and of course the sky wheel that is an icon for the beach and town. The area actually has its own Myrtle Beach State Park to enjoy and explore and camp. Hopefully, we get to camp there while we visit!

Congaree National Park

Let’s be honest, we’ve been through a lot of national and state parks so far, but they are all very unique and offer something original. So when we were told that Congaree National Park was a “must” during our South Carolina tour, we were curious about what the “wow” factor that it offered. So we googled it. Apparently, it is “the largest intact expanse of old growth bottomland hardwood forest remaining in the southeastern United States.” Uh… yes we need to see this. You can also kayak the rivers that feed these forests, go hiking and camp in the park.

Boone Hall Plantation

You probably know the Boone Hall Plantation, even if you know nothing about the history of it, or what it is, odds are you have seen a dozen images of it or more. It’s famous for the road lined with large trees and a mossy canopy. But beyond just the beautiful scenery and location, it is one of the oldest working plantations in South Carolina and is the only one that offers live productions and educational presentations of life for African slaves. We hope we get to stop and visit this amazing place.


We have had a chance to visit a couple children’s museums this year, but we were told that the largest one in the southeastern united states in located in Columbia South Carolina. What is amazing for our girls when we visit museums like these, is how each museum offers unique exhibits and some pertaining to the region. We will add it to our list!

National & State Parks in South Carolina

Every state has several parks to choose from, but we were surprised to learn just how many parks that are in South Carolina. Fortunately, because the weather is so awesome here (Idaho weather is terrible), we have so many options of activities to choose from. If you have a favorite park or recommendation of something we must try or see, comment below with your suggestion. Thanks! We are looking forward to visiting South Carolina in a few weeks.