We are excited to visit Arkansas, mainly because we have never been there, and to be honest, it is a lot like our home in Idaho – people just don’t know much about it. But as we begin to gather recommendations we are getting more and more excited to visit this beautiful state and all it’s secrets it has to offer. 

We have enjoyed travelling at the recommendations from our readesr and we would love to receive more recommendations about things to do in Arkansas. Feel free to comment below with additional suggestions on things to do in Arkansas.


Dig Your Own Quartz Crystals 

This activity looks like a ton of fun and we’ve been told Arkansas has a great reputation for its quartz. So when it comes to planning for this activity, we aren’t really sure where to look. Any suggestions on great quartz mining it would be appreciated.


Arkansas Caves 

Among the many hikes and beautiful things to see, we have heard of the amazing caves that are available to hike and see. We have seen similar caves back in the mountains of Idaho, but every cave seems to have a unique story and characteristics.


We love hiking as a family and we have had several chances to hike the different terranes of the states we have visited so far. We would love suggestions on great hikes in Arkansas for our family. There are many beautiful mountains and scenic byways in Arkansas that are there to be discovered for us as well. 


Little Rock Arkansas

We are excited to visit Little Rock. We have heard so many exciting things about the river walk and the museums that are available. One of the many things we have looked forward to this tour has been the historical sites and destinations. Littlerock River Market has live music, museums, and sculptures. What places do you think we should stop and see in Littlerock?


Scuba Diving

We are scuba certified and we had the opportunity to dive in Hawaii. And we won’t lie, we didn’t really associate scuba diving in Arkansas but this recommendation is really awesome!