Looking for Tennessee Recommendations

We all have certain states we are drawn to for whatever reason, and Tennessee is on my list for certain. I’ve been looking forward to visiting this state and I can’t wait to see all it has to offer. As we begin to compile our recommendation list, here are a few of the top places that were submitted. But we would love your thoughts on these places, or new suggestions altogether.

Parthenon, Nashville

If you don’t have any plans to visit Greece, we’ve been told to visit the re-creation of the Parthenon in Nashville. There are various tours, galleries and events to check out, but the architecture alone is worth seeing we’ve heard. It’s on the list!

Ruby Falls

Waterfalls are something we are used to seeing back home in Yellowstone, but we’ve heard that Ruby Falls is one of the most unique and beautiful things to see. Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga is apparently the place to see this beautiful underground falls.

National Civil Rights Museum

We have loved the historical places and national monuments we have been able to see this year so far, and the National Civil Rights Museum is on the list for top 5 places in Tennessee.

Rock City Chattanooga

The sites and natural rock formations are breathtaking and you can spend the entire day there exploring. The outdoors is our favorite place, and we would love to see what Rock City has to offer.

Country Hall of Fame Nashville

If you love country music then Nashville is the place for you. Nashville has so much culture and style, we hope to spend a day or two there while we are visiting. This museum will be on the list. I can’t imagine all of the records, and history that is kept there. Country music certainly has a culture that isn’t seen in every music genre. Looking forward to it!