State #15 is Georgia, and though getting some fresh peaches is on our wish list, we definitely want to see some of the beautiful places people have suggested to us so far. We have had friends who lived in Savannah in the past and they said we could spend the entire week there and never want to leave. So, on our 5 top recommendations (so far), Savannah Georgia is on the list!

Savannah Georiga, Historic District

We’ve heard that Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in our country. So this we must see!
Savannah’s historic district. Just go and spend the day!

Rock Climbing in Georgia

We really love to rock climb, and our girls are getting into it as well. We have heard that there are great places to climb in Georgia, so check out this site that gives you great options for your skill level and the type of climbing you can expect.

Centennial Olympic Park

In 1996 Atlanta hosted the World Summer Olympics. The Centennial Olympic Park is still there and offers lots to look and experience. When the Olympics were over, the park was shut down and re-landscaped to make a public venue.

Providence Canyon State Park

One of the most enjoyable things we have seen as we have driven across our nation is the landscape and how it literally molds our country. Providence Canyon State Park reminds us a lot of Utah, we hope to get some hiking in while we are in the state. With a huge list of trails to explore, you won’t have any problem looking for something to do.

Wormsloe State Historical Park

This was once the estate of Noble Jones and you can visit and see the tabby ruins, visit the theatre, see colonial life, and even get guided tours of the historical site. We think history is so important to not only remember, but to understand and learn from it. We appreciate that so much effort has gone into protecting places like this. If you have additional suggestions or ideas about great places we should see while we visit Georiga, please comment below or drop us a line!