Photos, scrapbooks, trinkets, souvenirs, t-shirts… people collect different things when they travel. We have documented our travels mainly through video and photos, but we have discovered some amazing apps for those who love to travel.

We aren’t just talking about Instagram and social sharing apps, but apps designed for those who love to explore and find adventure, and maybe share a little. 🙂



First on our list is truly for the wanderlusts at heart. Polarstep is an app that tracks your location and the images you take. You can set it before you begin to travel and it will document your location and where the images were taken. You can save the vacations and travels and look back on where you were on the map. This app is great because you can set it to be a private account just for your own enjoyment, or you can share it publicly and follow people socially. The best feature? You can order “My Travel Books” of your photos and vacation to have a hard copy of your trip. This app is a must have and you need to follow us if you download it. This app is free unless you decide to purchase a Travel Book.

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If you love the outdoors, no doubt you’ve heard of geocache. If you haven’t, the idea is basically a digital treasure hunt to find a location where you can find a treasure. You can hide treasures, find treasures and explore neat places. Simply create an account, login, and look for geocaches that may be near you.


Google Travel

Do you have google travel installed on your phone? You should. It keeps track of your flights, reservations, excursions. Never spend time tracking down an email with a confirmation number again, just pull up the app, find your trip, and check the places you visited, or the places you plan to visit on your next trip. You can download city plans to check local events, venues, and restaurants.


BuckitDream – Bucket List App

Do you have a bucket list? Need help filling it? This app introduces you to amazing events and destinations around the world. You can create a profile and slowly add amazing things that inspire you to your own digital bucket list. Search topics are places you are interested in, and add it to the list.


PackPoint Travel – Packing List

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Everyone has good intentions when it comes to packing for a vacation, but lets be honest,  you either go way overboard, or you forget half of your stuff. We came across this app that helps you plan what to take based on where you are going, the length of your trip, and what activities you will be doing. So, if you really aren’t sure what to take, consider this app to help you cover all the necessities.