Over the space of 50 weeks, we will have the opportunity to spend time on beaches of all kinds. Unfortunately, you can’t really go to the beach unprepared. We have started watching for amazing deals and beach hacks that will make beach-life more enjoyable for our family. The key will be to find things that can be carried in luggage and that is compact enough to store in the RV.

Whenever we’ve spent time on the beach we’ve noticed the various types of activities people choose to participate in on the beach. I think it’s safe to say there are a few different categories of beach-goers and how they enjoy their time. So, that brings us to the question…

What sort of beachgoer are you?

We think there are three categories of beach-goer.

The Lounger – First, you have those who enjoy the sunshine and lounge and soak up some rays.

The Water-Lover – Next, you have the water-lovers who spend most of their time in the water doing various activities or sports.

The Sand-Lover – And finally, there are the sand lovers. These people usually dig in the sand, play sports on the sand, etc.

Regardless of where you fall in the beach line-up, there are some things that are necessary for the beach, and necessary for little ones. For example, we need some shade for the girls, sand toys, and there are a few other things that we found on Amazon that we had to have. Some of these items you can probably rent depending on the type of beach you are going to, but for those who go regularly or intend on spending several days at the beach, it will be worth it to purchase your own. Check out the full list of our beach essentials below.

Sun Protection

Travel Beach Umbrella

Beach Baby Pop-up Tent

Large Pop-Up Tent

Large Family Waterproof Picnic Blanket & Tote

Beach Toys/Games

Mesh Beach Bag w/ Cooler

Sand Toys


Water Lovers

Snorkel Mask

Body Board

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We love our time on the beach and always want it to be fun, memorable, and safe from the sun. We hope your family enjoys some of our top picks.