We started out our adventure in New Hampshire by opening packages from the Corning Glass Museum. The first package was a pumpkin made out of glass. We will have to be careful, it was sliding around on our table. The next piece of art was a flower also made out of glass. How fascinating are they?!

Next, we went for a hike. We packed up all of our gear and took off! Everything was perfect except for the weather. The wind was howling and there was a high possibility of rain and thunderstorms. Luckily we didn’t experience any of that until the end of the night. 

The trail was amazing, we later encountered a river with A LOT of rocks. The girls had some trouble getting over some, but nothing we couldn’t help with. We all had a blast though. Just look at the video! The terrain was crazy. We did have a close call with Saylor, we didn’t get it on video, but she almost took a hard fall. We saved it. 

Later that night we started a fire to boil some water and cook our meals. Remember that rain we were supposed to see? Well, we got it while we were sleeping. Everyone heard it and woke up from it, but we all stayed dry in our hammocks. 

We enjoyed New Hampshire so much! Such a beautiful place.