Massachusetts started out pretty rough. Saylor was having a bad day, and mom wasn’t there. She was on a plane headed to work. That rough morning was put to a quick end after dad took everyone to the Boston Children’s museum. If you are ever in Boston with kids, you NEED to go there. 

The museum’s main goal is to get kids active and moving, not to sit around on screens. A few activity highlights are:

  1. A stool that kids can jump on to pump a ball up to the top of a tube.
  2. A climbing wall (not too high off the ground, so it’s pretty safe).
    1. All of the kiddos were having a lot of fun with the rock climbing wall (taking after their dad I see)

Later that night we had dinner, since dad was cooking it was box mac and cheese. That’s not a bad thing, right? 

The next morning we all went for a bike ride. We even attached a climbing rope onto Saylor’s bike so she could be tugged along and not fall behind. 

Later that day we all went to a small park, the girls had fun racing UP, the slides. Not down. Kids are weird. They were all pretty tuckered out after that.

Next up was an adventure through the New England Aquarium. The girls got the chance to touch some stingrays and a crab, see some penguins, and come face to face with a 70-year old sea-turtle. Definitely the most interesting thing was the horseshoe crab. 

The next day was an exciting day, mom returned! When we all went to breakfast, all of the girls sat on mom’s side of the bench, while dad was left with his own. Mom was pretty tired as she had an all-night flight back to us. 

After breakfast, we went on a boat, the U.S.S. Constitution to be exact. We learned it is the oldest naval vessel that is still afloat. And that they take it out 7 times a year across the harbor. It was mounted with cannons and all sorts of informational pieces. 

Long story short, if you ever have the chance to plan a vacation in Boston with kids, visit a few of the places we did. You won’t regret it.