Barbecuing at the side of our RV, swimming for hours and playing at the park was only part of what we experienced at our stay at Creek Fire Motor Ranch.  Savannah, Georgia is beautiful and this is the place to stay if you are in an RV.  This place is a pristine RVing luxury!  We would have been fine if we had never stepped foot off of the property because there was so much to do.

Here are some things we did during our stay.


We walked up to the gated pool area.  I was the only one who could reach the safety handle to get in but once we were in, my girls kicked their shoes off and raced to the pool.  Nothing like two little munchkins cannon-balling into the water without hesitation. No worries, they are well seasoned around water.  It always takes me a little longer to get in, but I should take note to the cannon-ball and just get it over with.

My ideal pool day would be sitting in the pool chair relaxing.  Three kiddos under five do not allow me to do that, well, ever.  So Creek Fire Motor Ranch nailed the whole pool scene.  They have a kiddie pool with a fun trailer slide and a flower shower.  The depth is perfect for little kids and my girls loved it!

My favorite spot was the hot tub! Enough said!  Ok, well we spent our fair share going back and forth from pool to hot tub!

A game area is just outside the pool which makes it a great family place if not everyone likes to swim.  Or makes for a great break from the water!

Showers are by the pool so don’t forget your soap.  I forgot mine and had to run back to the RV with three kids to retrieve it!  RV showers are great but there is something about a nice large shower where the water can “conservatively” just run and run!


The laundry room is very well kept!  Multiple washers and dryers line both ends of the room.  I believe there were four of each.  Bring your dollars though because the change machine will only allow $1 bills and the credit card readers are a little touchy.  I couldn’t get my credit card to read.


So much fun and laughter can be found on the playground and my girls found both here at the playground.  A big structure allows for climbing, sliding and playing.  A dinosaur rocker ‘guards’ the perimeter and a merry-go-round and teeter-totter wear off excess energy!

Who said playgrounds are just for kids?  I even took my backpack off and chased the kids around.  Plus, I couldn’t fit through the tunnel as easy with the backpack on.


Fishing isn’t really our specialty but it is fun to take the girls every once in a while and see if we can catch anything.  The front office has poles and bait.  Our bait was cheese because we heard that was what they liked.  Apparently, they didn’t like it enough because we didn’t get much more than nibbles.

The fishing docks made it really easy for us to monitor the girls and fish.  No boat necessary.

The pond is big. And although we talked about it the swimming, playground and other fun activities took priority over dad’s hope to go out on a paddle. A walking path surrounds the lake and does a full loop if you need to walk your dog or kids!


The clubhouse/store is where is where you can rent equipment and grab those forgotten items.

We enjoyed our stay and wished we had longer to enjoy it.  None of us wanted to leave.  So next time we are in Savannah, Georgia, we will be back to Creek Fire Motor Ranch.


All in all, if you want to know how much we loved our time here – check out our Facebook post, but be sure to follow their Facebook page also.