Nothing can ruin a day at Disney like forgetting something or hauling tired kids all over the park.  That is why I put together this list as I was at Disney so I would remember for our next trip.  Here is a quick list of great things to pack if you are headed to Disney.

1. Disney gear….shirts, hats, princess dresses, matching shirts

Disney world is all about Mickey, princesses, characters and the experience. Costumes can make the day exciting as the kids or adults stand by their favorite characters in matching dresses. Not into dresses? Anything Mickey is a go here in Orlando Disney World!

Minnie ears with bows are a hit here! You can find a lot of different Minnie ears at Disney. Plain ones, sparkle ones, wire ones, glow in the dark ones, there are so many! If we weren’t living out of an RV I would totally have figured out a way of getting us some ears. Whether it was paying the $25 for them or doing a do it yourself (DYI) project, the girls and I would have loved some Minnie ears.


2. Kid gear…stroller, umbrella, hats, kid leash

The weather is hot here. The kids get tired and the adults get tired. To make the day go easier strollers are about a must if you have littles. We brought our hand me down double stroller and our three girls switched off all day long taking turns to sit down.

Umbrellas provide shelter from the blasting sun or the downpour of rain.

Saylor is our wanderer and does not like to stay in the stroller. The kid leash was a life-saver for us! The strap gave her enough room to wander but didn’t let her get far enough away to get lost. She likes the butterfly wings so it is fun for her to wear.

3. Sunscreen and water bottles

Sunscreen is pretty self-explanatory but it is often forgotten on packing lists so here it is.

Drinking fountains are found throughout the park which was a lifesaver for us. We filled out bottles up and put some water flavoring in them to mask the taste.

My girls kept well hydrated with the flavoring or electrolytes, which kept them pretty happy Disney goers.

4. Snacks…for standing in line

Lines are a gimme when it comes to Walt Disney World. Why not have food to keep the kids mind off of the wait? We brought crackers, granola bars, and goldfish.

5. Lunch…we spent over 50 bucks on one meal for our family and didn’t even get everyone their own food item

If you want to save some dough then pack a lunch in a small cooler bag. We would have been great with sandwiches but getting to Disney as it opened was more important than stopping at a grocery store.  Hindsight, we should have stopped quick at a grocery store.

Now that I have been to Disney multiple times, it is nice to have a reminder list or a list of things to think about.  My motto most of the time is less is more but having happier kids and saving some money is worth the extra haul!