When in Eastern Idaho or Western Wyoming

These beautiful cascading falls are a must see if you are an Idaho/Wyoming Native or just a passerby.  The falls are located about an hour south-east of Idaho Falls and an hour west of Jackson Hole.

The falls are fed off of mountain run-off and empty into the Snake River, a popular place for fishermen.  Boats and fly fishermen in waders can usually be seen when driving by.

Do not be worried about ‘hiking’ to the falls.  They are directly off the road about 20-40 feet depending on where you approach them.  As you park your vehicle on the side of the road after you see the Fall Creek Falls sign, you will walk out to the top of the falls. This isn’t a safe hike for small children or children who could wander off of a ledge (as you can see in the video).  When we took our then two children to the falls last summer, we held on to their hands with white knuckles the whole time.  There are narrow trails guiding you to the best place to see this mesmerizing beauty.

The above video was taken in May when the spring run-off from the mountains is at its peak.  The water is raging and there is only one access point to see the falls.  Later in the summer, there will be two or three paths to reach the falls.  The sign is not even posted out on the road at this time of year due to the potential danger the falls pose.

If you are up for camping, just before you reach the falls, there is a road to the right (West) that winds through the canyon.  This is Caribou National Forest.  Camping is free and there are many spots to set up tents or pull a trailer through.  Just look for rocks in a circle to indicate a fire ring.

Additional hiking, biking, horse, and ATV trails can be found along NF-077.  Just look for the brown posts that indicate what type of traffic is allowed at the trailhead(s).  Trail 085 was an easy hike but also allowed motorized vehicle and horse traffic.  Our girls loved playing in the dirt and pretending their ‘walking’ sticks were versions of themselves.

Always plan ahead and watch the weather.  We had packed a picnic and sat down to eat a snack at the crest of a small hill when dark clouds lurked over us.  The chill in the air sent shivers down our spine and I knew we wanted to get back to the trailhead and our truck to keep our girls warm.  I gathered the girls and we started back down the trail while Colter flew his drone to see where the path may have lead us.  Fortunately, it was still relatively cold and we had hats and jackets to keep us warm.

So whether you are just passing through or making it a destination for a day or a few Fall Creek Falls is a wonderful place to find the solitude of the mountains or the roaring blaze of the falls crashing down below.

If you are interested in camping and enjoying this area longer – get more details from The Outbound Collective.