The southern states have so much history and rich culture not to mention amazing cuisines.  We’ve received a lot of reccomendations of great places to see, tours and excursions to do, and amazing dishses we need to try. But we are always open to more suggestions and tips from locals.

Here are some of the more popular places we were referred to.


French Market

We were told this is a great place to visit with our girls to get a preview into food, culture, and it offers a lot of shopping and history. I think this would be an amazing place to visit as well. Anyone else been here? We were also told that as part of the French Market, we should visit the Cabildo and the St Louis Cathedral.


Oak Alley Plantation

Some of the architecture and history behind these plantations is so well documented and many of the buildings have been restored. I hope we can take the girls to places like this and teach them more about the history of our nation.


Swamp Tours

We haven’t found a certain place yet for this, but we were told to not pass up the opportunity to hit up a swamp tour. Any suggestions on a great company or place to do this?


Historical New Orleans

When you say Louisiana, many people think of New Orleans for tourist destinations. But there is so much history to New Orleans and the history of Jazz music. We would love to visit the historical district as well.


Louisiana Children’s Museum

Someone recommended that we take our girls to the Louisiana Children’s Museum also and that it is a great place for families and children.


If you have other great places to recommend visiting, or unique stops throughout other parts of the state, we would love to hear your suggestions. Please email us at