There are so many interesting and historical events that took place in Mississippi. The culture, the food, the landscape – we are truly excited to visit this state. We’ve recevied a few suggestions, but we would love to hear more. Here is what we’ve received so far.

Lower Mississippi River Museum

There is so much history associated with the Mississippi River, we were told that while we are in the state, this museum is a great place to learn about the river and the historical events and purposes is served throughout time. It looks interactive and like a good place to visit, so we are considering this reccommendation too. Has anyone been here or visited some place similar?


Shiloh National Military Battlefield

There are many places to visit and learn about the American Civil War, but the battle of Shiloh has been a place we were told to check out. Ee would love to hear more suggestions about the historical places to visit.


Delta Blues Musuem

Blues music originated in the deep south by African Americans. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a person who doesn’t like or appreciate the sound of blues music. So while in the area, we heard that the Delta Blues Museum is a must-see for any blues fan.


Elvis Presley Birthplace

For those who love a different type of music, Eliva Presley’s birth place is in Mississippi and you can visit, tour, and learn about the famous musician.


We would love to have more reccommendations from your favorite places to visit, things to do, or places to eat while we are visiting Mississippi. Comment below with suggestions or email us at Thanks everyone!