Peaches are what come to mind when I think of Georgia.  The sweet-savory flavor of biting into the fresh fruit or popping the lid from home-bottled peaches starts my salivary glands running.  Georgia has more than peaches.  Atlanta has a lot of fun activities like the aquarium, the World of Coco-cola and Six-Flags but we decided to visit Savannah and Augusta on our 50 states in 50 weeks adventure.



We wished we could have stayed longer in Savannah, Georgia.  We were there in the spring when it was still a little cool but the trees and rolling hills were beautiful and the ocean and wildlife where we paddled was so peaceful.  Downtown Savannah had a music festival going on while we were there but did not think the girls would like that as well.

One thing is for sure, the girls loved the RV park we stayed at!  Creek Fire Motor Ranch was a destination in itself.  The first thing the girls wanted to do was go swimming.  So the first thing was swimming, then the next day it was swimming!  If we would have stayed all week, every day it would have been swimming.

A large private pond rests on the property and fishing is a cool past-time with their poles they provided.  We tried our hand at it but did not catch anything.  While we were fishing though, there was an unusual movement in the water.  At first, it seemed as if the wind had really picked up and that the wind was moving the water.  It wasn’t the wind though.  As the movement got closer, it was a huge school of fish!  We all thought that was a pretty fun sight to see once we realized what it was but until then it was quite eerie.

Check out the rest of our experience here.

Since Savannah is on the coast we really wanted to go and kayak the shores of Georgia.  Our paddle trip did not disappoint and the girls loved every minute of it!  We all jumped in a hand-made three-person kayak and took a guided tour, with Savannah Canoe and Kayak, to Little Tybee Island.

A guided tour made me feel more comfortable going out in unfamiliar waters.  We do not have tides and ocean in Idaho!  Our experience was truly great.  The girls could not stop talking about all the little creatures they found.  Exploring the sand and the pools at low tide was an adventure in itself.  You can read more about our experience here.


A quick stop in Augusta on our way to South Carolina was a little bouncy!  Trampoline park bouncy.  Airstrike Trampoline park was a blast and they had everything from Ninja Warrior courses, to dodgeball, to a pro trick area to trick pits.

Colter learned how to wall walk, which was pretty neat.

Blakely was supposed to get her cast off the day we went to the trampoline park but she has a wise dad who recommended we wait until after jumping.  It was a good thing too because as she saw kids her age or older doing flips into the foam pits, she immediately wanted to try.  Her first attempt was better than I expected and after that, she just kept flipping and flipping.

Tessa is more conservative at times, like her mother, and wasn’t quite ready for flips.  The big square box in the middle of the flat trampolines was a lot of fun for her.  The first attempt was scary because the propulsion from the higher jump took her off guard and shot her forward.  She got back up with determination on her face and went at it again, and again, and again.

Saylor loved running from trampoline to trampoline.  Running up the diagonal trampoline and sliding down with mom was also a lot of fun.  My favorite part was the challenges of ropes and balancing and seeing the pure joy on my children’s faces as they conquered fears and mastered the technique.

Airstrike is the perfect place to have a party or just go and have fun while burning a few extra calories! Our whole family was plum tuckered by the time it was all over!


There is so much more to explore in Georgia but we thoroughly enjoyed the few things we got to explore.  From the RV resort to dolphins on our kayak trip to learning a few new tricks at the trampoline park Georgia flirts with being a favorite for us!