We have had several opportunities to travel around the world. Colter has traveled to over a dozen countries for work and church missions. We recently traveled to Italy, in autumn of 2017. And now we are touring our own country, 50 States in 50 Weeks.

Traveling has so many benefits, but it can be expensive, as well as intimidating. It’s hard to know where to go, what to do or see, and if you don’t speak the language, there are several more challenges you face like ordering food or asking for directions. So how do we decide where to travel?

I think traveling comes natural to some, and others have to almost give themselves a pep talk before going. Some people also know where they want to visit, why, and what specifically draws them to that city or part of the world. Is it the culture, the history, the weather or climate? If you are the adventurous type and just enjoy traveling for the sake of travel, maybe you don’t care where you go as long as it is somewhere new.

We were considering different ways to decide on vacation or travel destinations, and we came up with some pretty creative ways. We have some conservative recommendations too.

Ways To Pick a Travel Destination


This is probably one of the more classic ways people plan for vacations or holidays. Get out a map of the country, world, or region you intend to visit, and blindly point, throw a dart, or mark your destination. If you believe in fate, this technique is for you. We heard a version of this technique where you spin a full-sized globe and put your finger down and wait until it slowly comes to a stop. Where your finger lies is where you will be traveling to.

Out of a Hat

This too seems pretty straightforward. Once our family listed all of the places they would like to visit, we cut those lists into slips and put them into a bowl or hat. Once they were thoroughly mixed, we would draw two destinations and vote. This gave everyone the opportunity to still have input even in the final decision.

Bucket List

Even if you don’t have a physical list, you still have a good idea of the experiences you want to participate in or places you want to visit during your lifetime. We feel that bucket lists are a great way to stay motivated and focused on the things that matter most; memories and time together as a family. With that being said, making a bucket list of destinations you want to visit is a great way to start. Prioritize them, and start at the top. Even if you aren’t quite ready to begin traveling, making a list can help you plan for the future and get excited about your travel potential.


People travel for different reasons like we mentioned above. The motivation that draws people to various cities and retreats varies. So how does one adventurous guy, and one conservative woman come together to a single destination? A hobby! Find a hobby that you and your travel buddy enjoy doing together, and map out the best places around the world to do just that. This brings a new level of fun to traveling that may have been a deterrent for one of the people before. Some great examples of this are hiking, skiing, scuba diving, or fishing. These hobbies can be pursued hundreds of places, but it gives you direction in looking for new destinations to visit.


When people often think of travel, flights and exotic destinations seem to be the cliche. However, flights are not the only means of travel. If you are open to the journey being part of the experience, you may want to plan your destination around ways to get there. Do you prefer flights, cruises or road trips? How about train rides, private catamarans, or hiking? Some of the most beautiful views of the world cannot be seen from a bird’s eye view or from the window of a car. Consider alternate means of travel for new experiences.

More Conservative

Not everyone can fly by the seat of their pants. For those of us who prefer well planned and prepared itineraries, there are ways to plan trips and destinations without relying on fate. If you are concerned about the language, cuisine, or maybe the climate during your travel, make a list of destinations that fit your guidelines and try a new place. This will give you the ability to be spontaneous without feeling unprepared or stressed about your vacation. The last thing you want to do is regret a trip before you’ve gone.

We hope that our adventures invite other people to step out of their comfort zone and experience new things, make new memories and enjoy the planet and cultures around us. These are some fun ideas on how to plan your next vacation and travel.