How To Take The Perfect Selfie 

There’s no doubt that in today’s society selfies are the go-to pictures. But how do we take them as the models do? Well, according to the experts, it’s all about the lighting and angles. (I’m sure we all already knew that). But how do we find those angles to take the perfect selfie? Once you’ve discovered how to do that, where are some of the best places in the world to visit and show off your selfie game? Learning to take amazing selfies, pictures, and drone shots will definitely help out your Social Media too.

indoor selfie

Most people will already know their best angle, if you don’t, take some pictures using both sides of your face and see which side works best. If you still don’t know, ask a friend. If they don’t know, then you are blessed with a perfect face and you should be happy. Once you’ve found your angle, you’ll need to find some good lighting.

First, let’s start with the indoor selfie. Find the biggest window in your house or apartment and use that. But, don’t open the blinds and let all of the light in, slightly close the blinds to make the light “softer” this will make your skin look much smoother. Allowing all of the light in will expose all of the imperfections on your face. But isn’t that what makes us perfect? Not on Instagram, sadly. Also, make sure you face the light straight on, or it will cast a shadow that will not look the best.

Now, what about outside lighting? Find the brightest spot you can, then step into the shade right by it, while standing in the shaded area, face the light and snap away. There is so much light bouncing around that we don’t want to stand directly in front of it, but standing in the shade will limit the sun while utilizing all of the bouncing light to make the perfect selfie. 

outdoor selfie

Unfortunately, we all don’t have a $500 camera for our selfies, but we all do have a phone. But which camera do we use, the back or the front? Well, with today’s advances in technology they have made the front camera a king for selfies. That’s why it’s nicknamed the selfie camera. If you are looking to find a phone that will take the best selfie, see this video, it compares all of the recent phones and their cameras. But I’m sure whatever phone you have will show you off just fine ;). 

Where To Take The Perfect Selfie

Alright, now that we’ve nailed down how to take the perfect selfie. We need some places to take them. (We all need a vacation every once and a while). A popular place in Wyoming is the Grand Tetons in Jackson, WY. Not just the Grand Tetons provide great picture opportunities, but the town does too. But please, please, please, don’t take a selfie with a buffalo, unless you never want to take a selfie again. 

Another amazing place is Santa Cruz in California. This place offers variety like nowhere else, you’ve got amazing sunsets on the beach, vast redwood forests, and the eye-catching Santa Cruz Boardwalk. What’s not to love about this place?!

Last but not least is New York City, the amount of urban attractions in this city is crazy. Anywhere you explore is bound to have some popular selfie areas. Be sure to visit in the Summer, as winter can get kind of hectic.

Bring A Drone Along

drone photography

When you take your vacations or visit some beautiful places, bring along your drone. If you don’t have one and find yourself taking a lot of pictures and videos, invest in one. They can really take your Instagram page to the next level. They could even help out your business! You don’t have to be a master pilot either, drones (DJI Drones especially) are becoming very easy to use and make cinematography with. Who knows? It could develop into a new hobby. Many drones can take amazing group photos. So, technically a selfie? Maybe? 

Be sure to always check the local drone flying laws wherever you travel.

Helps Your Social Media Page Grow

There’s no doubt that most of our selfies are going to be shared on Social Media (at least our good ones), but really nailing down your look and aesthetic with the perfect selfie can help you grow bigger and faster. Having a confident selfie can also help your business, your customers will see you like a more personable and connectable company. 

Remember, practice makes perfect. So go out there and practice!