When we decided to take this adventure we knew that we would be giving up a lot of the comforts of home. But we also knew we wouldn’t be completely without all the luxuries we are used to. As time is passed and our 50 States in 50 Weeks trip gets closer, we’ve begun to realize just how much we are leaving behind.

No one ever wants to admit that they take things for granted, but I think that it is human nature to fall into a habit and a routine that allows you to pass over little things that we used to consciously value. We had a yard sale over the summer, and that helped us get rid of excess that we never used, but what about the things in life that are more permanent? We made a list of things we are going to be leaving when our 2018 adventure begins.

Comforts of Home

Friends and Family

Our relationships with our friends and family are built a lot on the events of our daily life. When we share common activities whether they be sports, school, church, or just holidays, we tend to invest more in those relationships with those who we see. But in 2018, we won’t be sharing these activities except through virtual communication. Our girls won’t be able to have playdates, there won’t be date-nights in the traditional sense, we won’t be able to celebrate holidays and birthdays with family members. Family and Friends play a huge part of our daily life and this will be a big change for our family.


Though our entertainment on this adventure will be filled with new experiences and memories, our usual entertainment will not be available. The girls will not have many toys or games, television will be limited, and hobbies outside of our adventures will be put on hold for a while. Though we are so excited about our new experiences, our time bonding as a family, there will be an adjusting period I’m sure.


This area may be the most shocking to us. We are leaving so many comforts of home. We are leaving a 3,000+ square-foot home for a 30′ RV. Personal space will be limited, the outdoors will become our living room, and not to mention the basic resources like washer & dryer, full sized oven, pantry space, storage, readily available running water, high-speed internet, just to name a few.


This may seem silly to some since we will be on the road and can just drive to any store we want to. But how many of you can relate and love Amazon Prime? Who has their favorite local shops or boutique? What about your favorite hair stylist or restaurant? We are looking forward to trying new things, new food, and new stores, we just won’t be able to rely on things that have become a habit.

There are hundreds of things we are leaving behind, but it isn’t a sacrifice for nothing. We are excited for the amazing time we will have as a family, the new experiences, the memories.  This trip in 2018, is going to give us perspective, new goals, and give our girls new habits and ideas of life. I hope it strengthens us and gives us lots of amazing memories.