Monument Valley

If you have ever watched Forrest Gump, you have see Monument Valley in the background.  We even had to do a little reenactment on our way out of town.  For a list of movies shot in Monument Valley check out this website.

John Ford, a famous film director and John Wayne are known very well out here in Monument Valley.  May films were shot and you can even walk out to John Wayne point and get a picture.  If you are brave enough, you can even go out and get a picture of you, on a horse, on the point.  It would make for an epic shot.  The sign at the start of the trail actually mentions the picture is the best $5 you will ever spend.

To enter the official Monument Valley State Park you have a one-time fee to view the visitors center and drive the 17-mile loop to tour the buttes.  You also can ride a horse along the John Wayne Trail if that is your style of adventure.  Many jewelry, hand-crafted Indian stand can also be found along the way to Monument Valley or inside the park.  They do close the gates at 4:30pm for your safety in driving late in the park.

Inside the visitors center there are many displays depicting Indian way of life and a great display about the first Indian war recruits.  They were recruited because the Indians could communicate with each other during WWII without the Japanese knowing what was being said.  These Indian soldiers played a vital role in helping the United States win WWll.

The history is very interesting and then you mix in the beautiful sandstone buttes and it creates a one of a kind experience.

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