Laying back deep in the hammock, feeling the cool evening air gently flow around, gazing up at the brilliant stars just beginning to wink to life as the amber glow slowly slips below the horizon. That’s just one of many reasons why so many of us love getting away for the weekend with a hammock. But for every perfect evening, there’s always the flops. Dark clouds rolling in bringing with them pouring rain, freezing snow, and many other unpleasant surprises. Until now those have been weekends my family and I have just had to endure, Hunting out something that will make it all worth it.

The Teton Hammock Company

Recently I learned of an up and coming hammock company Teton Hammock Co. Being a local company, and run by people who are so clearly of the same heart and mind as us, their hammocks have clawed their way to the very top of my equipment wishlist. If you haven’t seen or heard of them, I highly encourage you to check them out at I promise you won’t be disappointed.

While out camping a few months back I ran into another backpacker who had already set up camp. After spending the evening preparing for the evening we struck up a conversation about the gear he had packed in. It was from him that I learned about Teton hammocks and what truly sets them apart from the competition.Each and every Teton Hammock is custom made to order. With every part, from the tarp and suspension, to the very folds in the fabric designed for lightweight durability. When packed, the whole setup weighed only 16oz! Furthermore, the suspension had been custom engineered to be easy to set up and tear down.

With the Teton Hammock 4 season tarp they have just about solved the trouble that cold weather can bring to hammock camping. The one article of gear that Teton hammocks does not offer that I would include in my dream hammock setup would be what is known as an underquilt. Underquilts provide an additional uncompressed layer of insulation between you and the air around you, Keeping you warmer during the colder months.


These are the 3 underquilts that I am wrestling with adding to the dream setup.

The top choice at the moment is the most economical underquilt I have seen by far. The Hammock Gear Economy Phoenix underquilt is priced at around $100, weighs around 13oz, and is rated to 0° F

The second choice is known as the warbonnet wookie. A heavier, and more expensive option, the Wookie comes in at around $220, weighing 16oz. But on a chilling Idaho evening, the extra protection from the elements would be well worth it in my estimations. With a temperature rating of -20°F, this is the heaviest duty underquilt I have found.

The last choice while nowhere near as warm, or as affordable as each of the previous options, it does boast some pretty impressive weight benefits. Enlightened Equipment’s Revolt underquilt is priced around $220, and is rated down to 10°F. But most impressively, boasts a packed weight of a mere 10oz. If I were not planning on doing a lot of winter camping, but wanted to be ready for our frosty fall nights, this would be the underquilt to top off my setup with.