Ocean Lakes Family Resort is the best place to stay while on your vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  It is full on, water-slidin’, beach accessin’, coastal destination. There is something for everyone in the family!  From age 0-99. You don’t need any other destinations when coming to South Carolina. Ocean Lakes has it all!

Better than just having a good place to stay, there are good, friendly people who work here.  This is a family owned business and they are genuinely concerned about you and that you have a good time.

Bring your RV, lease a site, or rent a cabin.  You will not regret it!

Beach Access from our RV site

Beach Access

When we first arrived, the girls wanted to go to the beach.  I loved being able to walk out of my RV and pull our wagon to Myrtle Beach.  The best part of the beach is the location. Ocean Lakes Family Campground is conveniently located between Myrtle Beach State Park and Huntington Beach State Park.  

So there are no crowds from these places but you still are able to enjoy the same beach, the same views!  Exercising on the beach was a breath of fresh air or more like a lot of heavy breaths of fresh air! One morning I was able to go for a run and the next day I took my bike in the opposite direction!  The sunrises were beautiful.

Indoor swimming pool at Ocean Lakes Family Campground

Pool and Water Park

April was the perfect time for us to visit Ocean Lakes.  We missed the summer rush. I hear that summer is like Disney World here.  I could totally see people packed at the water park waiting to go down the slides.  Unfortunately for us, it was still slightly cold and the big water park was not open.  Every time we passed it though the girls would say, can we go on the slides?

We loved the indoor pool though!  Saylor actually started to enjoy the water here.  I put her life jacket on and encouraged her to lay on her back.  The first few seconds she was slightly scared but by the end of our three hours of swimming she jumped into me (I caught her), went to her back and then she kicked to the ladder, climbed out and was ready to go again.

Outdoor kids splash pool



If swimming and beach going get old, an arcade is found just inside the Family Fun Center. Blakely was dying to play some games so I caved in to her requests and let them spend an hour or so in the arcade.  

Golf Car Fun

Golf Cars

Is it golf carts or golf cars?  This campground is huge and it is almost just as fun to drive the golf carts around as doing anything else!  The carts are truly a lifesaver though, you can zip from the playground back to the RV. From the RV to grab some food.  To go see the Nature Center or go fishing.

It is worth it!

Pizza Delivery

The first day we were at Ocean Lakes, we went straight to the beach, and then straight to the pool.  Me and the girls were tired after a long day of water activities. Ordering pizza, need I say really good, reasonably priced, pizza by golf car to our RV door was amazing!  With the time I would have spent fighting off kids, getting dinner ready, I pleasantly showered each one off and answered the door when the pizza came!

Dinner was served!  We eat a lot of pizza and the pizza was really good.  We ordered a cheese and meat the first time. The meat was on a thin crust and the cheese was on pan.  Our family enjoyed the pan crust more. Both were delicious.

We even ordered a pizza to go on our departure day!

Playground in the sand

Playgrounds, Basketball, Volleyball, and Shuffleboard

Two playgrounds are about a quarter of a mile apart on the campground side of the beach dunes.  The girls thought the sand and the play structures were the cats meow because two of their favorite things were combined!  Sand toys add more fun to the play.

Personally I would have loved to hit the Beach Volleyball Sand court but my three little munchkins do not make much for opponents.  How fun though to get a group and go play!

A couple basketball courts and a shuffleboard game can also be found along beach row.  They even have a large golf car parking lot.

Turtle display in the Nature Center

Nature Center

The nature center is small compared to others we have frequented but Ocean Lakes actually has a nature center which is great!  Tessa’s favorite was the real alligator and Saylor loved playing with the fake crabs.

We learned about turtle eggs and put together a dinosaur puzzle.  Blakely wanted the Gecko to come out of his “hiding place” but we learned that they are a nocturnal creature.  She couldn’t figure out why its eyes were still open.

The dig pit was a huge hit for the girls.  Just outside the nature center is a play area where the kids can crawl through the log, and use brushes to search for stationary fossils.  While digging here, we saw a family of geese come by with their babies. We sat quietly and watched.


Beach showers greet the entrances back into the campground and bath houses spot the property throughout.  These facilities are kept very nice and are enjoyable to use.

Grabbing some quick supplies


The on-site store is great if you need food items or beach items.  They have it all.

Prestwick Golf Course

Just across the street from Ocean Lakes Campground is a golf course.  I don’t know much about golf but Colter does. I may have to let him input his two cents but when he got back from from the full 18 I asked him how it went.  

His look was one of ambiguity.  He said the golf pro was awesome and so was the course!  He just didn’t like his score. The course was designed by Pete and P.B. Dye, so I told him he should give himself some slack!  Getting out on the course was a great break for him where he could relax and enjoy the game.

Ocean Lakes really sets you up for success when you drive onto their property.  They give you a magazine that details everything you would need to know about the property (remember that golf car delivery pizza) and all of the wonderful amenities they provide.  They will pick up garbage at your site and provide a special bag for recycling with their iCare program.

Be sure to book way in advance (even up to 18 months) so you can reserve your spot at the amazing Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle Beach.