One month of no spending challenge

Colter has mentioned to me several times about going a month without spending any money on food to see how well we would do on our food storage. I always gave him the nod and we never really committed to trying it out.

After our third child was born, I needed help. I didn’t feel like I could go anywhere and it was just too difficult to load up all of the kids and go out. Life all of a sudden seemed complicated.

When August came last year, I was ready to try anything to simplify my life. So I told Colter that I was finally on board to do a no-spend-month and we decided that September was going to be our month. I figured designating September would give me enough time to prepare and do one last shop before we started. Unfortunately August got away from me and September first was here, without my shopping spree. There was no turning back.

Little did I know that my no-spend month would change every aspect of my life and enhance my adventure lifestyle. So when the idea of a no-spend month, crosses your mind, DO IT! You will find simplicity in your life, your relationships will improve and you will become more resourceful.

What I learned from our no-spend-month

The first thing you will realize when you do a no-spend month is that it really opens your eyes to how much TIME you spend ‘running errands.’ I initially spent more time in the kitchen until I realized I could meal prep in advance and that I actually had time to plan ahead because I wasn’t running around like a chicken with its head cut off. With all of our new-found time, we went and did a lot more outside as a family. Without spending all of the time shopping or figuring out what you are going to be involved with next, you will be able to connect with people.

Camping is fun with family, but it is also fun with friends. Taking the time to get to know people can strengthen previous relationships and sprout new ones! Until we did our no-spend month I never took the time to really understand and deeply connect with people. It made me realize how adventurous some people already are, and how many great places they have been that involve great stories. Having someone share a precious memory with you creates a connection and even possibly an invitation to go with them next time.

When it comes to camping these days, it can almost feel like you are outdated or behind the times. You need the newest tent, or the snazziest headlamp, or the most expensive hiking poles. Doing a month without spending will help you use what you already have on hand. It can open your eyes to new ways to do things at your house and out on an adventure. One resource we really were able to thrive on was our freeze-dried food. It made our meal prep super simple while we were out camping and on hikes. (If you don’t know where to find high-quality freeze-dried food, send me a message and I can hook you up!)

Going a month without spending money brings to the surface discipline in all aspects of your life. It helps you step back and see the big picture and lets you decide what is most important. My mind felt more clear and our lives simplified even just a week into our no-spend month. We were creating new relationships and being resourceful. It may seem crazy at first but be diligent and determined to make it happen and it will change your life!