Our Favorite Stops In Indiana

Our week in Indiana was a great adventure! There’s a little bit of everything in Indiana. The highlights of our week there were visiting the Lucas Oil Raceway, the Indie 500 museum, and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum!

We began our week in Indiana spending time around the Lucas Oil Motor Speedway for the NHRA drags that were going on that weekend. The girl loved walking around and seeing all the drag cars and bikes, and especially loved getting to see them go! If you decide to make this a stop in your travels be sure not to forget some earplugs because those cars are LOUD!.

Following the weekend at the Lucas Oil Speedway we headed further into town and stopped by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! While there were no races occurring at the time it was really quite fascinating to see the rich history of the motor speedway they have preserved in the museum there. The museum is actually located in the center of the historical 2.5 mile course on the speedway and it is full to the brim with old indy cars!

Last but certainly not least, was the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. In fact, it was probably the girls favorite stop! The DC Superheroes section was certainly a highlight of the museum. There are several interactive exhibits throughout that entertained the girls to no end. They were able to show off feats of strength, and even practice flying! The exhibits don’t end there either, with something for every child, from dinosaurs to the weather we’d say this stop is a must if you are ever traveling with children!