We spent our adventure in Ohio working our way up to the Cuyahoga National Park in Northern Ohio. Cuyahoga National Park is just a short distance from Cleveland But it’s rich history transports you to a different time!

We started our adventures in the park with a hike. We took the short Brandywine Gorge trail that winds back and forth through the ravine and leads to the Beautiful Brandywine Falls! The girls loved playing in the ravine skipping rocks and bouncing on branches. The short walk back to the falls was absolutely worth it too! The “bridal veil” falls were caused by a layer of sandstone that rests atop layers and layers of shale. The shale is much more prone to erosion than the sandstone causing the water to wear at the base of the falls! The loose shale scattered throughout the gorge is ideal for learning to skip stones as well!

We spent the remainder of our time in Cuyahoga Exploring some of the historical sites along the Towpath trail. The girls absolutely LOVED getting to play around the mill.

If we had more time we would have loved to stop by the Ritchie Ledges. The trail is a bit longer at a little over 2 miles and not nearly as accessible for younger children. But they are a wonderful place to stop with older children because they can provide a wonderful playground, and they also tend to be much less busy than many of the other trails in the area.