It was our nine-year wedding anniversary and we didn’t have any of our three toddlers with us, so we decided we would go rock climbing, get a massage and go out to dinner.

Rock Climbing

Colter and I got into rock climbing a couple of years ago when the scoutmaster from our church group needed other adults to be certified.  My first reaction was that I did not want to take my weekends and go hang out teaching boys how to climb.  Then my second thought was that Colter really likes to climb and in order for me to feel safe, I wanted to be taught the right way, by instructors who have climbed for years.  So after we were certified climbing instructors we purchased our own ropes, helmets, harnesses, shoes, and carabiners.  We love to go as a family and with friends to climb.  The challenge is addicting.

We have climbed different crags (climbers term for rocks) in the area but for our anniversary we decided to do a quick climb at Hot Potato.  To get there from Idaho Falls you follow E Lincoln Road east, then take a right (south) on Bone Road and follow the road for about a mile.  There is a turnout and a cliff between two rolling hills.  Follow the turnout to the edge and voila, Hot Potato.

There has been junk dumped off the cliffs of Hot Potato such as a car, old wood, and other junk so we had to use caution when walking around.  There are also a lot of bullet shells.  Many people go out on those hills and shoot.  When we were there, a group showed up right as we were finishing and we heard pings off of rocks.  This made me my knees rattle!  We were about finished so we packed up our gear, Colter let out a whistle and we scrambled up to the top.  They weren’t shooting in our direction, but on the hill right by us.  I am grateful we had our truck there so they knew someone was around.


After we went climbing we had a tour of Ahhsome Relaxation.  This place is the ultimate home spa.  They have massage chairs, blue light therapies, red-light therapies, foot massagers, meditation areas, quiet rooms, and the list goes on and on.  It is not a spa with workers but rather a self-serve area.  It is a monthly subscription and you can go 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

When we went on our tour we were able to choose three pieces of equipment to use.  I chose the foot massage (it was more of electric stimulation), the medium full-body massage chair, and a zero-gravity chair.  Colter chose the same except he tried the fish machine (no actual fish are used) that is supposed to keep your back aligned.

The business is a great idea but I opted out of signing up because I have no idea when I would take time to go and relax, especially with three kiddos at home. If you are in the area though, you should go check it out.


Adjacent to Ahh Relaxation is Agave (Mexican food) and we were starved after climbing and our relaxation tour.  We shared this huge dish that was similar to fajitas but cooked in a black bowl.  The service was excellent and they served us quick and efficiently.

All in all, we had a great weekend for our nine-year anniversary!  What a better way to celebrate than to literally put my life in my partner’s hands, have the success of solving a problem to the top of a route, getting massaged and having amazing food?