Nothing is more tranquil than a paddle on calm water.  This time I am on the ocean around Little Tybee Island.  Bird sounds surround me, I look down, and see something in the water.  What is it? My heart starts to race, a fin begins to break the surface of the water.  Then a gray back follows.  My heart slows and a smile emerges on my face as a dolphin surfaces beside me.

This is the kind of adventure you might experience when you go out on a tour with Savannah Canoe and Kayak in Tybee, Georgia.  We had such a great time when we went out and the staff was really knowledgeable and friendly.  If you can believe it, all five of us fit in a sweet hand-made sail kayak.

We started out with instruction and safety measures.  Donned our life-jackets and set out for our paddle to Little Tybee Island.  I was in the front cockpit with Saylor on my lap, Blakely and Tessa were in the middle cockpit and Colter owned the back and controlled the rudder.

Saylor enjoyed leaning over the edge, feeling the cool water run through her hands as we silently journeyed through the channel to Little Tybee Island.  She would point at birds as they flew overhead and was curious as to what was going to come next.

My girls, five, three and one especially loved exploring on the island.

This is the experience according to my five-year-old, Blakely.  “Oh, yea!  That was where we saw the Blue Crab with one eye!  And we saw little hermit crabs and little snails were on a big tree.  We even found a shell that did not have a crab in it!  I loved kayaking and goodbye friends.”

All three girls explored and explored.  We reached the island at low tide and found many little creatures just chillin’ out on the beach.  Little pools spotted the beach. The girls would squat down, scan the pool for shells and point out any that would be found.  Hermit crabs, snails, a blue crab and fiddler crabs were mostly what we saw.  I do not remember any of the bird’s names that we saw on our paddle.

We even saw a dolphin!  Unfortunately, it was not while we were out paddling but we saw it while the girls were just playing in the sand on the beach.  It was so awesome.  It was swimming from the ocean up the channel and swam within 50 feet of the shoreline.  We had the perfect view!

Savannah Canoe and Kayak also will take you out on a full day excursion, or even a camping, multi-day kayak trip.  We only did the half-day trip but an over-nighter trip is definitely on our bucket list!

Who knows what you will see when you go out paddling with Savannah Canoe and Kayak.  Turtles, osprey, dolphins, crabs?  Check out their website to find the perfect tour for you and then call to book with an experienced guide.  My family loved every minute and our girls couldn’t stop talking about all the wonders they found on the island.