Vacations are so attractive because you get to step outside of your everyday life and do something or be someone you always want to be. You get to be more adventurous, live more spontaneously, and depending on your destination, see things for the first time! It was a while ago when we decided that we wanted to get scuba certified. It was one of the best things we did. I love having the knowledge and experiences that scuba diving offers us. Note to anyone considering it though, if you get claustrophobic easily, it isn’t for you. But it is the most amazing experience.

When we decided to do 50 States in 50 Weeks, we knew we would have limited time to see the best that each state has to offer, this tour though has been about spending time as a family just as much as it has been about the adventures along the way. As we discussed adventures we did want to do, scuba diving in Hawaii was high on the list. Colter wanted to skydive, and I didn’t think that was the best idea. 😉

Hawaii Eco Divers

Like any tourist, we started researching sides of the island that had great reviews and scuba tours that offered great experiences. That is when we were introduced to Hawaii Eco Divers. We worked closely with Ricardo to plan our tour, and Hawaii Eco Divers did not disappoint.

We were chartered out for the boat dive and were given a refresher for our scuba experience from their staff.

We had a great group that went out diving together, and as you can see in the video we got a chance to swim with a variety of fish and animals. It was a great experience. We had the option with Hawaii Eco Divers to do a dive from shore, or to have a boat dive, we always opt for a boat dive if it is available. Hawaii Eco Divers offers a variety of services, scuba experiences, shark dives and certification trainings. They truly are experts in their field and know O’ahu and the best spots to see all the beauty Hawaii has to offer. We are grateful we took advantage of this while we were in Hawaii.

Our Girls

We have received questions about what we do with our girls when we travel, and it is a great question. Most areas have daycares that offer short-term babysitting services, especially in areas where there are a lot of tourists. If you call ahead and plan for it, you can usually find a program that offers babysitting and fun activities for the kiddos. If you want to plan a family vacation, but do a more adventerous activity like scuba diving, there is always a way to make it happen.


*This post contains an affiliate partnership with Hawaii Eco Divers, all reviews, comments and opinions are our own.