We love being in the water. We got scuba certified through H & H Dive back in Idaho, in Pocatello. It was an interesting experience and definitely a bucket list check-off moment.

Now that we have had several opportunities to dive various places around the world, we’ve learned a few things about what we like in certain places and what we can live without. As it is with any hobby, you could invest a significant amount of money into accessories and gear. Well, it’s the same with snorkeling and scuba diving. You can dive with the bare minimum, but there are always extras that you can enjoy.

Getting the Right Gear

Regardless of snorkeling or scuba diving, there are the bare minimums that every swimmer needs, fins, mask, and snorkel. And in this instance, size does matter. You should always get a mask that can comfortablly sit on your face without leaving a red ring on your face after wearing it. The strap isn’t there to keep it on your face, it is there to support. Try placing the mask on your face wihtout the strap, breathe in through your nose one small inhale, if it stays to your face without falling – it fits. If you feel it shift, tighten to discomfort, or have is slide, try a new one.

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As for fins, there are what seems like 100 different brands and styles. And honestly, if you are diving and snorkeling for recereational activities, as long as they size fit your feet, they will do the job. Make sure you get a pair that fit snug and won’t slide off your heel or you will end up with blisters and foot cramps.

We found a couple cool options for those who really hate fins. They now offer fin shoes and fin socks to wear within the fins to avoid frustration or discomfort. Check them out here.

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Calling all Aqua Addicts


If you are a fish, water bug, aqua addict, scuba snob, or whatever other crazy name we’ve heard – basically if you live for the water, here are some fun toys you will want to invest in.


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Get it on Video

“If it isn’t on social media, it didn’t happen.” It’s a terrible quote but somewhat accurate these days. So make sure you never miss a memorable experience to share with your family and friends, or just to look back on for yourself. We certainly love our Chatbooks for just that reason. So if you are into snorkel and scuba diving adventures, here are a few great go-pro options for the media fan.

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Best Dives off of the West Coast

Pacific North West –

Washington – Olympic Peninsula & Hood Canal

The PNW is beautiful! There are tons of underwater beauties to behold as well. Though you may not think to dive when you are in the area, there is tons of places to scuba/snorkel.  If you aren’t sure about venturing out on your own, Seatlle Dive Tours has an amazing reputation for dive tours of the PNW.

Oregon – Tillamook Coast, Cape Lookout, & Sund Rock

There are lots of unique places to dive in the PNW, you are not limited to the ocean, the numerous lakes and rivers also offer a wide range of things to explore.

California Coast

San Francisco Bay Area Diving is definitely a thing and a very place to dive. Read more about the various diving spots around the bay via the link.

Southern California also has great places like Laguna beach, La Jolla, and Cataline Island for great snorkeling and dive locations.