Visiting our first library, kayaking Lake Murray, and relaxing on Myrtle Beach were our adventures in South Carolina.  I had no idea a library could be so much fun.  The paddle gave me a moment of peace and quiet and Myrtle Beach was filled with fun for the whole family.

This was also Blakely’s first state after she got her cast off, which she broke in Mississippi on our 50 states in 50 weeks trip exploring the United States.


Richland Library Main was spectacular. A lot of times while traveling I forget about the joys a library can bring.  Initially, we found the library because it had been a while since we had a good internet connection and Colter and I wanted to get caught up on uploading videos and blog posts.  We found more than we ever expected.  

As we walked into the library there was a hallway.  Viewing the display about the human movement was very thought-provoking.  I was on a mission though and was looking for a place to land.  About 75 meters through the hallway was an information desk and signs directing us through the library.  There was a children’s section!  Hurray.

We all jumped on the down escalator and waited as the Richland Library Main slowly revealed itself.  Right as we stepped off the escalator the first thing the girls ran to was the blocks.  They could have played there for hours.

Colter and I nestled into some chairs next to a world globe.  I have to say I wasn’t very successful at getting much done but Colter was super productive.  The internet connection was superb.

Playing with the girls was where I spent most of my time.  We played blocks, house and read books!  I would have liked to snuggle in a reading chair with a good book but that will have to happen at a different time in my life.

The library was a great retreat for all of us and allowed calm. The games and activities to encourage learning and development were a lot of fun.  The girls begged to go back the next day.  We almost did.  

The funny part about our trip to the library was parking. We didn’t know how long we would stay so we started with two hours in the parking meter. Then we had to run back and add some more quarters to the machine for another hour. Then we had to go back and add quarters for another hour after the first hour! Did I say we had a lot of fun?

Lake Murray with Carolina Outdoor Adventures

Since we like the outdoors and water, we decided it would be fun to kayak around Lake Murray.  Carolina Outdoor Adventures was our ticket and it was such an easy trip.  The best part of it was that we didn’t have to bring all the gear.  They provided kayaks, life jackets, whistles, and water.

We had three single kayaks for our family.  Tessa rode with me, Saylor rode with Colter and Blakely had a kayak all to herself!  I was a little cautious of her paddling herself because she only had her cast off for three days.  She was a champ though.

Eventually, we hooked her to the back of another kayak because she got tired of paddling.  Paddling on Lake Murray was peaceful.  There were hardly any boats when we went.  Apparently, there are a lot more boats in the summer but we only saw one.

We paddled by an Osprey nest and saw the most gorgeous sunset on our way back!  It was beautiful.

Myrtle Beach

All I have to say is if you need some place to stay at Myrtle Beach, check out Ocean Lakes Family Campground!  You have the best of all worlds.  Waterslides, pools, game rooms, fishing, nature center, food, and beach access.

Our family had so much fun and we felt like we were family.

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We enjoyed our time in South Carolina!  Finding adventures the whole family can enjoy makes this trip fun.  The library, kayaking with Columbia Outdoor Adventures, and chillin’ at Myrtle Beach at Ocean Lakes Family Campground was perfect!