We will be spending one week in each state starting in January. We are looking forward to all of the adventures we are about to have, however, there will never be enough time to experience all of the amazing recommendations we have received from our readers.

Utah is our first state that we will be visiting, and we are looking forward to beautiful landscape it has this time of year. Southern Utah also has a unique landscape that is beautiful in a completely different sort of way. Utah has several national parks that highlight the drastic change in scenery, and we wanted to share them with you.

Arches National Park | Moab, Utah (Eastern Utah)

Arches National Park is known for, you guessed it, its 2,000+ natural stone arches. The red rock is formed in unique landscapes and textures giving the terrane a beautiful and extremely unique style.


Bryce Canyon | Bryce Canyon, Utah (Southern Utah)

“The Forest of Stone” is the closest description available to the amazing sites and wonder of the rock formations that make up Bryce Canyon. Enjoy beautiful scenes from the roadside, enjoy several hikes or camp.

Canyonlands | Moab, Utah (Eastern Utah)

The Canyonland is divided into four districts, all with beautiful unique landscapes and adventures waiting to be had. Exploring the diversity of the Canyonlands can be somewhat of an adrenaline rush depending on your hobby of choice.


Capitol Reef | Torrey, Utah (Central Utah)

Considered a “geological wrinkle” on earth, you can enjoy the valleys, orchards, rock formations, and “dark sky park” among many other experiences.


Zion | Springdale, Utah (Southern Utah)

Zion National Park is located in Southern Utah, and is known for its many canyon hikes. It was Utah’s first national park and offers so many animals, views, and hiking opportunities.

There are several historical trails that travel through Utah, along with many historical landmarks and monuments. And if you want to spend 5 days doing all of the national parks in Utah, here is a step by step on how to accomplish that trip.