Valley of Fire | Overton, Nevada

This place is beautiful! There are acres and acres of red Aztec sandstone with hikes throughout. The park is open from sun up to sun down and you could spend the day exploring different places, hiking through sand in the valley and climbing to the top of the rocks. You could easily spend a whole day here. Most pull-outs and hikes have shelters where you could enjoy a picnic.

The first hike we did was to elephant rock. You can actually see the formation from the road if you want to just drive by but we pulled off on the shoulder and did the 1.2-mile loop. There are fun half-moon cave-like structures that my girls loved exploring. I actually had a fun time exploring them also.

We came in from the east side of the park. After Elephant rock we drove and took the right (north) turn to the Ranger station to pay and then continued up the mountain to eventually do Mouses Tank Trail (0.7 miles) where we saw petroglyphs and eventually to Rainbow Vista Trail (1.0 mile). My girls, 5, 3, 1 year old mostly loved playing in the sand on the trail and climbing little rock formations.

The sand was pretty deep so it took some effort to walk but we went from rock to rock and walked alongside the sand when possible. This would not be a good place to take a stroller but don’t let that stop you.